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Search Marketing (SEM, SEO, PPC)

Search Engine Intelligence
SEM campaigns are researched, analyzed, and customized to meet your goals and objectives. There are several factors that will influence the cost and time required to market your site in search engines:

  • Your competition
  • Business objectives
  • Specialized products/ services
  • Your current marketing efforts
  • Website content and theme
  • Search engine marketing budget

Keyword Research
We help identify the best possible keywords to target your online marketing campaigns. Intelligent keyword choices are essential for reaching the right audience. If you already have an existing keyword list, we will recommend and expand your list to include more relevant keywords and phrases.

Competitive Analysis
We take an in-depth look at the competitive marketplace for your chosen keywords. Often you will find many companies competing for a share of the traffic on your keywords, even though they may not be direct competitors.

Our competitive analysis reports allow you to understand what your competition is doing so you can identify key areas of weakness and other opportunities.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our search engine optimization services improve the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines via "organic" search results. The organic search results are the ones that pull up in the main body of the search results page.

Studies have shown that organic search listings are clicked on more often than the sponsored search listings - which are why it is so crucial that companies optimize their websites for the best possible placement.

Google Search: 3 Billion searches per day

Yahoo! Search: 280 Million searches per day

Less than 10% of websites are optimized for search!

SEO-friendly websites
Too often web designers build websites that look pretty, but don't get results. With our website building and web design services, we focus on a website that works for both your customers and the search engines necessary to increase page-ranking.

Pay per click advertising (PPC)

Sponsored listing advertisements that appear at the top or on the right side of the organic search listings. You only pay when someone clicks on your PPC advertisement.

A well managed PPC campaign can have your website appearing on Google page one within 24 hours.

You decide the maximum budget spend per day and only pay when a searcher clicks on your ad then visits your website.

Our PPC marketing experts set up and manage cost-efficient PPC campaigns. PPC advertising offers the benefits of full control over your ad copy and keyword targeting. Combined with a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign, PPC can also be a very effective tool to increase your brand's exposure in the search engines and increase sales.

PPC Advertising Flexibility:

  • Geo target by area: Region, City, Postal Code
  • Time: Run ads during specific times or days
  • Promote products/ services or actions by sending traffic to specific pages of your website
  • Choice of where you would like your website advertised: specific websites, blogs, social media outlet

Instant Results: Immediate page one position on Google

Maximize your ROI: Pay only when a searcher clicks your ad

Target your Campaign: Choose where and when your ad appears

Set your own Budget spend: You are in control of your campaign's daily spend

dma search media

DMASearch provies the Highest Quality Traffic Available:

  • Search Traffic: Branded or Private search box where end user type in a keyword or phrase and gets relevant results.

  • Contextual Traffic: Contextual traffic provides relevant ads based on visitors search queries, combined with site content the ads is displayed are on. This increased relevance provides a higher likelihood of conversions for advertisers and affiliates.

  • Display Relevant Traffic: Content display traffic from worldwide web properties with relevant content and/or audience demographics. This may be in the form of standard IAB or custom ad formats or custom ad formats like pop under and interstitials.

  • Social Media Traffic: Search results are displayed on content relevant blogs or social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

  • Mobile Relevant Traffic: Search results and display advertising are shown on mobile devices such as tablets and mobile handsets. We also have great sources of traffic from mobile applications worldwide.

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Link Building

One very important factor in how well your site shows up in search results is the number of high-quality, relevant links pointing to your site.

We use various methods to obtain these high quality links to improve your rankings in the search engines.

Online Public Relations and Press Release Optimization

Online public relations is the process of knowing where your customers and constituents spend their time online, and influencing those people using better, faster and less-expensive PR and marketing communications.

We can optimize your press releases and communications for the search engines and help spread your message to the people who are interested; to reach a much larger and more targeted audience than traditional PR.

Content Development / Copywriting

Our writers produce high quality, unique content that maintains your marketing message and is also optimized for the search engine spiders. Unique content is important for SEO, but that same content needs to sell your product or service to your customers.

We work with you to develop a web content strategy for delivering fresh content on your website.