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iungo mobile advertising

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It’s time for advertising your campaigns on mobile devices as mobile usage is increasing rapidly worldwide. Mobile market is now 10.01% of all web traffic is now from mobile devices. Extend your media strategy into this emerging platform with our mobile solution. Whether your marketing goals are brand awareness or customer acquisition, we deliver highly effective mobile campaigns. We provide a diverse range of ad formats, targeting, optimization options, and reporting tools to successfully support ROI driven campaigns.

Benefits of Iungo's Mobile Advertising

  • Flexible and easy integration of mobile marketing into your media strategy.
  • Diverse ad formats to utilise such as Banners, Videos, Interstitials, and pop-under ads.
  • Industry leading targeting and optimization capabilities.
  • Access to large base of mobile-marketing traffic from our mobile friendly publisher sites and applications.
  • Market to users on the go through their cell phone, smart phone, and tablet users globally

SMS/MMS Advertising


Reach your audience instantly through SMS (Short Message Service) & MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) mobile technology. Send advertisements in the form of texts, images, or videos to your customers who have opted-in their mobile phone numbers.

Mobile Campaign Management Services

  • Capturing customer and interested individuals' mobile numbers
  • Strategize, create content and design for campaign
  • Implement mobile advertisement campaign blasts
  • Manage security and mobile number list updates
  • White label technological solutions for mobile advertising
  • Legal liability and privacy concerns

Payment Solution

Payments made easy with PayEco – UnionPay DNA mobile payment

dna mobile payment and china unionpay

DNA (Digital Network Authorization) technology is the "Secure Card-Not-Present Payment Mechanism". CUP DNA Mobile Payment platform adopted "DNA patented technology" which was built alongside the CUP payment network. Card holders enters the PIN to confirm the payment request on their mobile phone to complete the payment process.

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