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The Displaying Advertising Approach

Our network, technology, and active campaign management provides you with a solid digital marketing solution that is custom to your unique campaign.

Targeting Technology

Audience Segments

Reach users with Gunggo's data profiles and channels. Our integrated technology allow marketers to access multiple channels and a variation of profiles through audience behaviors and interests.


Target your audience based on their geographic location. Choose from country, state/province, city, and designated market area.

Day/Time and Frequency

Target a specific time of day (morning, afternoon, evening), day of the week and frequency that users are exposed to your ad.


Target specific browsers or browser configurations (e.g. language, operating systems, connection speeds or bandwidth).

Demographic and Psychographic Analysis

Target groups of individuals based on their attitudes, lifestyle, needs, and values. Using the data we have collected over the years has enabled us to build a list of Audience Profiles to offer to clients as a targeting feature.


Gunggo will run your advertising display ads and videos for you across any of the 15 targeted channels you request. If you are unsure of your audience or which channels to choose, we will help you find your specific niche.

Gunggo's 15 targeted channels

Display Ad Formats

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