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Brand and performance marketers alike require valuable audience insights and effective optimization services. This can only exist when there is balance of technology, intelligence, data, and quality traffic sources. Gunggo magnetizes these elements together to help you create a custom and successful campaign.

Campaign Performance Reports

You will have access to a multitude of data points that are derived from your campaign. These reports will paint a picture of how your campaign is performing and also display the data intelligence you need to find your campaign’s sweet spot.

Performance reports are customizable through a variety of parameters and performance metrics and can be manually generated at any time or automatically sent to your desired emails for convenience. Campaigns statistics can be sent through reports and produced at hourly, daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual intervals. Creative specific in-depth reports are also available to help you gain and analyze intelligence data relevant to your campaign. It will provide you with the insight on which ad format is performing best in order to assist you with your advertising goals.

The Optimization Recipe

The Gunggo optimization team has analyzed, studied, and possess valuable knowledge from thousands of brand and performance based campaigns. Within the Gunggo Display Network alone, our campaigns spread across 15 verticals and currently reach 600 million unique users a month while continuing to grow daily.

Our team also reviews campaign data based on audience profiles, geography, channels, frequency, and ad formats to help establish and execute the most optimal results for specific advertiser groups. This data is used to determine which target features, formats, and frequencies provide your brand with maximum audience engagement and the exposure it deserves.

Meanwhile, Gunggo’s acquisition team focuses on developing new direct publisher relationships to join the Gunggo Network. Direct relationships give us the absolute power to control the traffic flows of your campaign, which also enables us to be swift and extremely accurate when optimizing your campaign.. right down to the exact website!

The combination of our technology, experienced team, and quality customer service at Gunggo all help create premium media services for publishers and brand/performance advertisers to appreciate and utilize.