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Our network, technology, and active campaign management provides you with a solid digital marketing solution that is custom to your unique campaign.

Below are the advanced general targeting methods we offer:

Budget Caps

Set up your campaign to have maximum budget spends for a specified time period.


Have the ability to control how many unique visitors view your ads on a daily basis. This ensures that ads are always reaching out to new users. (For example: 1 per 24 means one ad viewed per 24 hours per unique user)


Target your audience based on their geographical location in the world. Our technology can ensure your ads are displayed in only certain countries, regions, and/or cities.


This area focuses on targeting individuals based on the technology and computer they are using to connect to the Internet. This includes connection type (cable, DSL, dial-up), connection speeds, browsers, as well as a computer’s operating system and CPU speeds.


Not sure if your target audience is interested at 3 am in the morning? No problem, our technology can target or restrict which day(s)/time(s) your ads are displayed on the Gunggo Network.