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Our network, technology, and active campaign management provides you with a solid digital marketing solution that is custom to your unique campaign.

Below are the advanced audience targeting methods we offer:


Gunggo has accumulated over 50 million data profiles. Advertisers have the ability to target specific audiences based on what they recently browsed, the types of websites they last visited, and even the various types of advertisements they engaged with most frequently.


We have selectively segmented our network into 15 diverse verticals. They include automotive, alcohol, business & finance, entertainment & lifestyle, gaming, gambling, sports, health & fitness, men’s interests, news & reference, technology, shopping, social networking, travel, and women’s interests.


Target your campaign based on specific website content and keywords. Various ad formats are available through this method.

Demographic / Psychographic

Target your audience by specific demographics such as age range, gender, household income, education, ethnicity and psychographics such as lifestyle, personality, and interests.