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The specifications below apply to the following ad formats:
  • In-Banner: where all text and graphics remain within the ad unit.
  • Pop-Under: where an ad appears under the page being viewed in a separate browser window.

Standard advertising specifications

Placement Ad Units (pixels) Gunggo/3rd Party Served File Types Standard File Size Max Anim. Time
Leaderborad 728x90 GIF, JPEG, Flash, Java, HTML, DHTML 40k 15 sec
Medium Rectangle 300x250 GIF, JPEG, Flash, Java, HTML, DHTML 40k 15 sec
Large Sky Scrapper 160x600 GIF, JPEG, Flash, Java, HTML, DHTML 40k 15 sec
Pop-Under Custom GIF, JPEG, Flash, Java, HTML, DHTML 40k 15 sec

Animation and looping policies

  • There is no loop maximum, however total animation time for all loops combined may not exceed the 'Max Animation Time' limits indicated in the table above.
  • Ads may not contain elements exhibiting persistent rapid/flashing animation.

Audio Policies

  • Audio can be HOST or User initiated.
  • Audio may not exceed 30 seconds in length.
  • Audio shut-off functionality must be clearly visible and accessible to the user.
  • The method of audio initiation and termination must be the same.

flash coding and clicktags

  • Flash ads must confirm to our creative policies in addition to the Flash-specific requirements listed directly below.
  • Flash ads with click through must have click tracking variable (clickTAG) implemented.

Policies for Flash ads

  • Backup GIF or JPG image is preferred; images must not exceed the standard file sizes outlined in the chart above.
  • The default, 15 maximum 18 frames per second, setting should be used as a guideline.
  • The ad must be submitted in SWF format.
  • The ad must not prompt the user to upgrade to a newer version of Flash player.

Ad serving and tags

  • Delivery method: Standard Iframes, JavaScript.
  • Third-party ad serving: We accept approved third-party ad serving tags. Contact your account team for details.
  • Gunggo reserved the rights to remove any ad containing an uncertified ad creative/content that is deemed to be in violation of the policies set forth herein.

Frequency capping

  • Frequency capping allows you to control the number of times a target consumer is exposed to your ad over a specific block of time (e.g. 1 per day, 1 per 48 hours).

Standard creative lead time

  • 24 hours