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What Is Gunggo?

Gunggo represents a personalized and uninhibited version of your online-self. How you express yourself, socialize, and interact online may simply be a mirror image, the total opposite, or a combination of how you are offline.

Whatever individuals are comfortable with, the Internet provides a place that allows people to freely express their emotions, opinions, attitudes, and behaviors without having to worry about societal norms. No matter what your interests are, you will find others with similar interests and understand your passionate Gunggo-side.

Your online personality is also an element of your own personal brand which is special and unqiue to you. Gunggo encourages freedom of expression and truly understands personal brands regardless of how simple or sophisticated they may be. The Gunggo Network facilitates the interaction of advertisers who wish to engage with various personal brands and allows publishers to showcase what interests their audience the most.

What Does The G-Droid Symbolize?

The Gunggo G-droid is a symbol of individuality and uniqueness. When connected online, individuals can be represented by their very own G-droid since everyone enjoys different interests, emotions, and personalities and can be as creative, fun, and sociable as they wish. When interacting online – you are also free to speak out and express yourself; this is symbolized by the G-droid’s head in the shape of a speech bubble. Your online personification represents your very own personal brand and that is as unique as your fingerprint.