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We constructed and mastered our display network to maximize your ROI.

Performance advertisers can complement their affiliate programs and search marketing efforts with Gunggo’s Display Network. Our ability to build customized channel sets, ensure advanced targeting and optimization, along with our vast experience and astounding customer service, creates the perfect combination to maximize your ROI.

Gunggo reaches over 600,000,000 consumers online a month and is first class when it comes to performance based campaigns. We have billions of ad impressions that have been analyzed over thousands of campaigns that have run on the Gunggo Network. We use this data and create campaign models that map out audience segment trends and behaviours that are used to find the most engaged users on our network. You get to benefit from the previous campaigns that have been displayed on our network. You are not only investing in ad space, but you are also receiving data and relevant information that you can use for future advertisements.

We pride ourselves in working with publishers directly thereby enabling us to observe directly where your ads flow and how your campaigns are performing on each unique website. Since publishers and advertisers can experience evolving target markets, it is crucial to work closely with both parties to quickly learn what works and to adjust what does not fit well.