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Gunggo’s Network uses an integrative auditing technology to help guarantee advertisers that their brands are appearing on appropriate websites, approved and in a 100% safe environment, and in compliance with insertion orders, legal terms, and other specific requirements. Today’s advertisers are looking for both verification and optimization of their online campaigns in order to establish their best ROI. Though Gunggo’s auditing technology, we are also able to provide domain verification, impression fraud, and click fraud.

Our team works closely with every advertiser to help them see beyond just impressions and clicks. We are able to determine information related to creative engagements, domains, successful audience demographic, and performance.

With this knowledge, transparency, and visibility converted into actionable information, Gunggo’s optimization team can see what’s working and what's not, obtain more traffic from good placements and remove ineffective traffic as well as determine which creatives are generating the most interest and audience engagement.