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Gunggo offers advertisers with the targeting and optimization tools necessary to create interactive media campaigns that are effective in our globalized marketplace.

Our in-house Media Buying department handpicks websites to ensure we cater to our advertisers’ campaign goals. Whether your advertising goal is driven by branding or ROI metrics, the success of any campaign ultimately rests on the advertiser’s ability to define, identify, and target the audience most likely to respond to the value of what is being offered. With over 3,000+ active publishers and counting, you can rest assure that Gunggo has the ability to help you segment and target the most relevant audience for the success of your ad campaigns.

At Gunggo, we understand the importance of how account management, campaign customization, campaign feedback, and optimization impacts the result of every media campaign. For this reason, Gunggo dedicates highly experienced account managers to personally handle advertisers’ campaigns. Our team is always looking for long term advertising partnerships since we also understand that the ultimate success of any online media campaign relies heavily on the combination of communication, technology, and data analysis to ensure maximum ROI for every dollar spent.